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General photos
Stone steps in winter
Wirt Stairs
great flower combo corner
Molner serene garden L side "After"
Fifer xeric hill
d amto walk
Whitney other angle design
Front entrance trees Dakota
Fishman slope after
Odonnel garage after
fishman rvr design path
Small bench with fragrant phlox
Hinkle slope after
fifer before
fishman antique surprise
Fifer dry creek bed
fifer after
Fishman whole house 06 design
Blue Avena Composition
dry creek bed
Patillo stair area before
Fishman bird house design surprise
Humming Bird
rock garden plants
room arborwalk
Fishman stone walkway
Phlox with pond, arch, patio
room swing
xeriscape center berm wider shot
Hummingbird sage coneflower
front lawn room
After Odonnel grass path
D Amato stone steps at entry
sage yucca combo
room back corner
After Odonnel slope
Artful Gardens
garden room
Petre shrub bed
Odonnell xeric garden
Burrows winding front walk and patio gate open
outdoor room Odonnel
Whitney manicured
Odonnell xeric garden cropped
Burrows path from street gate barely open
outdoor sitting
good xeric plant combo
Patillo stair area After
Antz stone steps and pathway