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Creating Garden 'Rooms'


By now everyone who likes gardens has heard of the term “garden rooms”, heavily featured on HGTV and in garden magazines.


The goal of creating lovely garden sitting areas is to seamlessly coordinate outdoor spaces with indoor living spaces to achieve a picture perfect transition.


Do you have the problem that no one goes into your yard?  Perhaps you’ve spent money or time on a garden area and no one visits it.  Ever wonder why?  Most likely it’s not inviting and does not appeal. 


We’ve all seen the bench placed in the center of a lawn area that does not get used.  Why?  Basic design and human nature principles: people aren’t comfortable sitting with their back exposed.  We like a feeling of partial enclosure and protection.  If your garden does not invite the casual observer to walk into it, to wander, to sit and enjoy, call us!



Through careful design and appropriate construction of pergolas, patios, pathways and/or surrounding gardens, ArtfulGardens creates the perfect outdoor conversation nooks, dining areas, and garden rooms for entertaining and family gatherings.



We can design intimate spaces where you friends feel welcome, and can relax, meditate, and take in the beauty of your outdoor surroundings and our incredible RockyMountain vistas.


Here are just a few of the many techniques we use to create interest, peace, beauty, and comfort in garden rooms and ensure they will be used:


·   Locating a garden room to capitalize on natural assets

·   Building in privacy with a plant draped shelter like an arbor or pergola

·   Placing benches appropriately

·   Using roomy chairs

·   Including a daybed with plump pillows

·   Arranging conversational groupings

·   Lighting up the night with twinkling bulbs

·   Adding a roofed shelter to enjoy summer afternoon showers while in the garden

·   Screening unwanted distractions

·   Warming up a patio or deck floor with a carpet


2 rooms in one..





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