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Renovating Existing Yards

We love yard renovations! 


Most yards and gardens were not designed to last the life of the house.  Aspen trees grow too  large and overwhelm the front entry, the spruce tree that was so cute in the container 20 years ago now covers a large area you can no longer garden in.  Shrubs don't pay attention the growers tag that says they'll only be 5' x 5'. 


With more people hanging onto their houses due to the tight market, and perhaps spending more time at home to save money, renovations are extremely popular.  They are a great way to add value to your house and provide a change you'll enjoy every day, with modest investment.


Most yards and gardens need modifying every five years to take care of these issues.  We specialize in the renovation of existing yards with pleasing and often miraculous transformations.


Bad area before                                      And after


Here are just a few ways we can remodel and update your garden:

  • Replace water-hungry sod with a mulched shrub and perennial bed.
  • Expand your outdoor living space with a larger deck or patio.
  • Replace overgrown shrubs and trees with more yard-appropriate options.
  • Clear areas that are overgrown.
  • Create a new entrance walkway and planting bed.
  • Add a shade structure and outdoor room space with a pergola.
  • Redo garden beds that have never pleased you.
  • Build an organic vegetable garden in a no-longer-used area
  • Fix rock walls and fences that are falling down.

Front garden before                                 And After...



The list of what can be done to make your yard more usable and attractive is only limited by your budget and our imagination. 


The outdoor area of this house was not usable due to the hot sun.  The landscape was a fire hazard and very unattractive.


With the addition of a pergola and outdoor seating area, cantilevered slightly over the slope to make the most of the space and view, the client now has great outdoor space.  They can also leave their blinds open now, which they were not able to do due to the sun. The patio edge, which before felt like you could fall off, is now defined by soft xeric plants.  The fire hazard rocks and area below are now planted with lovely xeric plants which provide 4 seasons of interest.



Here is a smaller project that made a world of difference and will provide cost savings in the long run.  Take a sod slope that is hard to navigate and requires lots of hand-watering and maintenance, and convert it to an attractive path that requires no maintenance.



Do you have an area of your yard that is not working for you?  Contact us today to discuss how we can transform your property!  970-379-4956


Before.   A favorite project.  The client had no idea what to do with this difficult area and it had been sitting empty for some time.   They thought of trying wildflowers here, but fortunately called us first.


After.   The bad area that never worked now includes a dry stream bed for drainage, a pathway that wanders down the slope, and wonderful flowing plantings. 


Before.   The client no longer needed this gravel service area, and wanted to make it pretty but still useful as a path.



The cold and unwelcoming driveway is now transformed into a deck and sitting area and a lovely stone pathway with fragrant thyme and a garden framing it.

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