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"The yard has never looked better and we are very pleased"

Bruce and Patti Christensen

“Jae does a wonderful job, she took our bland looking garden and turned it into a gem, she does a great job."


Paul & Phyllis Miller



"Working with Jae Gregory was an incredibly educational, exhilarating, eye-opening experience.  Her vast knowledge of plants, soils, and materials; her awe and awareness of the natural forces in shaping the garden; her upbeat, lively personality; and her warm generosity in sharing her knowledge, all contributed to making my experience of planning and planting our gardens a celebration of a different kind of art.  I now understand the significance of her company name - Artful Gardens."


"I would work with her again in a heartbeat and have given her name for referrals whenever I have had the opportunity.  She's a winner!"


Sincerely, Margot Earley Fishman


"Eating breakfast this morning, looking out at 2 Aspen in peak golden color, I though about what a lovely landscape you and your helpers created for us!  Probably not a single day goes buy that we don't think about and enjoy the wonderful transition that has occurred in a little more than one single year  So thank you over and over, for your wonderful expertise and creativity, and then thank you again for your amazing skill at getting it accomplished!" 


Scott and Debbie Fifer


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