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Rock Gardens

Rock in the garden gives new visual interest, structure, and natural beauty to what could be otherwise barren areas.


Rock gardens are glorious and perfectly suited to the Colorado Rockies.  And for those of you who want a low maintenance garden, lets face it, there is nothing lower-maintenance than a rock!


Rock gardens are also very useful in areas of landscape where the goal is to provide a very low maintenance area or slope and erosion control.  Our favorite distress call is "help, I have a tough ugly slope I don't know what to do with!"  Bad areas present special opportunities for lovely rock gardens. 




See these "Before" and "After" pictures here for two projects where we received that exact call.  You can hardly tell it's the same place!






Rock garden plantings are especially fun. 


There are many lovely specialty plants and native plants that will not survive in a pampered garden but are very suited for a rock garden area.  We use these plants in areas of your landscape where other plantings would not be able to grow due to lack of fertile soil or proper sunlight. 


For the enthusiast, we utilize many unusual rock garden plants. 




We also use rock to create dry riverbeds in large and small gardens.  A river of rock is a beautiful landscaping approach used to help control drainage and erosion.


No matter what the original purpose, rocks are a naturally beautiful way to add color, texture, natural sculpture, and year round visual interest to your landscape. It is just one method we use to make your landscape beautiful and functional. 


Call us today for a consultation for that tough area!  970-379-4956  or



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