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Landscape Design

“For what is a garden if not to strengthen the spirit, re-affirm the power of nature, and re-invigorate one's senses with awe?“
Our work is based on a simple philosophy: complement our clients' needs and lifestyles by creating distinctive, easy to care for places of natural beauty.
Artful Gardens specializes in creating lovely garden areas for you and your guests to unwind, relax, entertain, and stimulate all five of your senses naturally. We create with the entire experience in mind, inviting homeowners and guests to happen upon unexpected and delightful elements along their garden journeys. 

We listen closely to our clients landscape desires, needs, personal tastes, and maintenance preferences. We take into consideration the need for privacy and a sense of enclosure, while also preserving our incredible Rocky Mountain views. 
We examine the property to determine sunlight variances, soil quality, drainage issues, and any areas with special needs. 
Utilizing our top 25 garden design principles, we create appropriate balance, depth, scale and background, involving exciting or tranquil plant combinations, groupings, patterns, textures, and flow.  We love garden transitions – thresholds and winding paths that allow time for visitors to pause, relax, and grow curious before entering the next part of the garden. 
We create garden incidents, natural-looking elements and “events” that catch and delight the eye and ear.  Gravel crunching underfoot, a bubbling fountain, places that invite you to sit and rest, a glimpse of antique statuary through plantings, surprise areas around the next corner that reveal themselves little by little, a bench placed to capitalize on the view,  fragrant plantings next to a path or window …….these are all ways we delight in enhancing your garden experience.

We utilize our horticulture expertise for proper environmental placement and care of your plants, trees, and shrubbery from the very start. You can be confident that you are maximizing the healthy establishment of your plants, thereby reducing the need to replace plantings later.   
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Artful Gardens specialities:
•   Yard renovations   •   Xericsapes - Low-water, low-maintenance gardens   Creating garden 'rooms'   •   Shrub and perennial beds   * Outstanding rock walls and patios   •   Beautiful combinations of color, form, and texture   •   Decks and shade structures   •   Rock gardens and alpine gardens for the enthusiast    Wildflower gardens   •   Themed gardens - cutting gardens, moonlight gardens, bird and butterfly gardens

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Landscape Design
Renovating Existing Yards
Lush Xeriscape Gardens
Spectacular Plantings
Rock Gardens
Beautiful Stone and Rock Work
Creating Garden 'Rooms'
Ponds and Waterfalls