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Lush Xeriscape Gardens


When it comes to designing and building Xeriscape Gardens, no one has more expertise and commitment to preserving our environment in the Roaring Fork Valley than Artful Gardens’ founder, Jae Gregory. 

Xeriscaping simply means landscaping that uses the right plants in the right location to create an environment that needs little supplemental water.

During our short, dry growing season in the Rockies, this method of drought-tolerant landscaping will result in a more environmentally-friendly, easier care yard and garden.  And will lower your water bills, too!

Artful Gardens creates lovely xeric gardens and achieves water efficiency by using the Seven principles of xeriscaping - good planning and design; practical lawn areas; efficient irrigation; soil improvement; use of mulches; low water demand plants; and good maintenance.

Through this carefully planned process, you can enjoy fragrance, color, texture, and lush foliage all the while conserving one of nature’s most precious resources.  Call us today for a consultation on how we can incorporate the xeriscape process into your landscape.   970-379-4956

Customers are constantly surprised how beautiful and lush a xeriscape can be.  There is a wide variety of plants that are drought-tolerant.

The Xeric area of our test garden in Spring.  You needn't sacrifice color and beauty to be water-wise.
The same area in summer.  Please don't throw in some rock and junipers and call it xeriscaping!  This is what xeriscaping can look like.

If you have a tough hillside, instead of wildflower seed, install a xeric garden.  The xeriscapes we've installed are frequently the prettiest gardens, and are easier care then regular perennial beds. 

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